by Daniel Lease

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Cast It Off 03:13
Left alone was I left to write all my wrongs I hate what I've become Cast it off Cast it off And all my life I've become what I'm not, it's killing me All my life these demons I had sought to bury me I've come to think after all I was the culprit of my own defeat And all my life I've become what I'm not, it's killing me All my life I've wandered from what I was All my life I've wondered what I'd become if I just jumped And all my I've been here all along just couldn't see Unbury me
Girl In Blue 03:01
I can't remember, I can't break through I'll fall forever, I'll fall forever If it means I'll make it to her My ghost in blue So drown me with her Drown me with her kiss It was the proof that my heart was true My life was new then, my life was new Then I swam back to the surface My senses tuned to the wanderers burden To bear the truth But then time revealed my weakness It ran me through I lost sight of heaven I lost sight of you My girl in blue My girl in blue Won't you rescue me Won't you set me free Mama wash me clean Or else I'll never be what I was meant to be
Apocalypse 05:05
I had a dream last night of the apocalypse How did it come to this My brother's eyes looked to mine to find some guidance But he never found it And even with the flash that drowned the heavens out Still he had his doubts And all I had was the chance to say my last farewell My friend you've made your brother proud In the end that was all I had to give him Lately I've grown so tired Of building all these bridges for the fire At least they kept me warm a little while I dreamt again last night of the apocalypse How to a cave I fled While safe inside I gazed my eyes upon the whole event You should've seen it I saw my world begin and end within an instant I'm free I'm free at last From all the things that kept me in my past I just wish I knew where everyone was at With nothing left I went to have my way with her Virgin mother earth Oh she wept as I spread my sins across her Oh I was a monster Instead of love I only came to rape and rob her But I'm free I'm free at last Don't look at me like that You would've done the same as I given the chance I never dreamt again of the apocalypse That vision came and went And all the fears and dreams I had all went up with it Cause who needs an artist When all that's left here is some garbage and some insects No one to hear this lonesome boy But I'm free I'm free at last I just wish I knew where everyone was at
Wait 04:43
Wait love don't Wait love stay I thought that I should change my name Start over with a brand new face At least just take the cowards way But that gun just had this awful taste I guess it's an acquired one Wait Son this pain this love are the same drug It's just gonna take some time There's not much death can change I know, it sucks It's how you play the game when the chaos comes Here it comes Wait love don't There's so much I had left to take But you had the nerve to run away And the self respect I wish that I could do the same But everywhere I'd run my demons came They're my closest friends Oh no Wait Son this love this lust are the same drug That's all it was It's such an awful prank on us I wish I'd never played and just kept on driving love
She's all the pieces she won't show She'll hold your hand she'll let you go Abandons wrong assumes the right Keeps the home keeps you outside It's the springtime of my life Oh can't you feel it The perfect storm the sacred calm Scratches on chalkboard perfect song Makeup warfare bare in sheets Lusting ego loving me It's so deafening to see it, the way I see it She keeps me coming back for more I'm keeping one eye on her one on the door Cause that's what friends are for, alright? And after all I start to blame And wind up spinning in my place Collapsing in expanding out Losing hope collecting doubt Burn down everything to feel it The way I feel when She keeps me farther than my heart And brings me another day another start I'm bleeding from every hole her gun had shot I'll burn down all my gods All but one I am endless If I end this Then I'm sure that I'll be back to haunt my dreams It's pathetic How pathetic we can be And lately I've become just what I thought I'd be It's pathetic How pathetic we can be Cause lately all I want is her and me
She shook me up said boy lets talk I said please give me one more minute Of the life I used to love We can't just sit here on our hands I asked why not she said just listen I was yours but now our time has come And gone again Was it my selfishness Was I protecting it too much Was it pride or was it love In the end it didn't matter much Some nights I see her by my side Her eyes reflect the pain I've hidden It's a truth so obvious I wake up calling after her By then she's faded from my vision In the same way I faded from her heart She's gone again Was it my selfishness Was I protecting it too much Was it pride or was it love In the end it didn't matter much In the end that song is sung And we can't go back my love And it seems so obvious That the more we keep this up The sudden stop Might kill the both of us I'm just the jealous type A fact that I try to hide too much I just wanted you by my side But I was holding on too tight My love I apologize Just wanted you by my side I'm hanging up now I'll be fine
Major Minor 07:52
I was a coward Lied by the hour Of every idea I feared the most Was one when this offspring shot up his family The blood on my hands still warm and rose Oh mama what have I done It seems someone got a hold of granddad's drugs Or inherited all the pain you and daddy passed down the chain Don't worry ma I'll be okay I fled for the city Found someone pretty (naive) To think I could be her one I guess I got lucky She laid and she loved me Ignoring my horns and smoking gun Her eyes they had this soft green They knew me before I had the chance to speak But the pain that I saw in them reflected this troubled man I hated that So I shot her dead Oh I shot her dead Darling what have I done I had love I guess I'll never have enough The devil asked me once Say are you happy bruv? I said can I be honest man? The truth is I hate my guts I'm tired of doing this Can I just hear that sound Of everything that I've done Everything that I am Just fade it out ................... ................... ................... Where did you wander off? Why are you so alone? That boy had a heart of love That's something you don't outgrow I'm ready to start again I know what I have to do There's people back there I love I want them to know the truth The truth is I was afraid I blamed you for all my pain I wanted to be a king In a kingdom that wanted me I wanted to be a god But god was in everyone I wanted to be your god But god was in everyone I love you I'm sorry Please forgive me This is the end
Giant 06:17
Mind Something I can't live with I lost it at least that once or twice I'd call to see if you would listen But how after all the times I lied to your face? I'd be the holiest of virtues If fame would turn its ugly head and leave I'd bow to the sacredness of feminine And learn the thing that pride keeps from me You dreamed you loved and you believed in me But one day I just couldn't be The thing I measured up in your mind But I was a fake I was a hypocrite of the greatest design I've given up on all religion I hold myself up now with my own two legs Too bad I could've missed it After you had used yours to walk away It's strange It's as if it's designed to be that way I lost all my love I gave you up I had so much I had so much I believe The thing that I was missing Was the love of everything I had around me I guess I gets a little anxious When I'm stuck with the mirror in front of me


released October 13, 2018

Written, Performed, and Engineered by Daniel Lease
Mixed and Mastered By PJ Shulsky
Art & Photography by TooSlowFantasy
Insert Photo by Delany Chiu
©℗2018 Daniel Lease - Love Punk Records
Songs Published Under Daniel Lease (BMI)


all rights reserved



Daniel Lease Tucson, Arizona

Musician from Tucson, AZ. Enjoy.

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